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The Path To Homeownership


Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a real estate veteran, purchasing a new home is a big financial decision. There are many important things to consider as you start your search for a home in the Capital Region. Financing, seeing homes in person and making an offer are only a part of the home buying process. From finding accurate information about homes for sale to connecting with an experienced REALTOR®, know the right steps to take to simplify the home buying process. Ready to find your dream home? This simple guide will help you through the process. When you're ready to take that step, feel free to reach out to Brian via email anytime!

Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

What is your "Why"? In other words, why do you want to buy a house? Are you tired of paying rent? Have you outgrown your current living situation? Or perhaps you simply want to move into something bigger than you already have. Your decision should include considering your financial situation, plus considering your short and long term goals so that you can choose the correct home for your needs. You should speak with a Mortgage Lender to look at your budget and determine what you can comfortably afford. Your Credit Report and Credit Scores will affect your ability to buy a home. Just keep in mind, something WILL go wrong with your house within the first year of home ownership, so just be prepared to have reserve funds in the bank. 

Your Wants & Needs

It helps to brainstorm and write down everything that you think would be necessary or important to have in your new home, including price, location, number of bedrooms and baths, parking, basement and the size of the lot. This list will become the basis for your home search. If the house doesn't have the things on your "must have" list, there's really no reason to look. Find out what's the most important thing in a house and then narrow it down. This will save lots of time when looking for a home to call your own. 

Find A Real Estate Agent

Brian Sinkoff is uniquely prepared act as a Buyers Agent and help buyers with all aspects of purchasing a home. Brian holds a Certified Buyers Representative (CBR®) designation - which means he's specially trained to represent buyers, helping them get the best possible price for the home they desire. New York state law allows Buyer's Agency which greatly benefits you as a purchaser of real estate in this state. Buyer's Agency is the only way you can ensure your best interests are protected and represented when buying a home in the Capital Region.

Start Your Home Search

Once you decide to work with Brian, he will set you up on an automatic search so when new properties hit the market, you'll instantly get an email. No more searching those outdated 3rd party real estate websites at 1:00am. Being on an automatic MLS search means that you'll have immediate access to all houses on the market - in REAL TIME! Once you're interested in a home, Brian will coordinate all showings for you. It's that simple! 

Make An Offer

We will write up a contract so that it can be presented to the seller. Is the house worth the price that it's listed for? That is determined by Brian who will look at the recently sold homes to determine a starting offer. The offer will have all of your terms on it (price, closing date, sellers’ concessions, etc). The offering price will be determined by comparing similar SOLD homes (that’s my job)! We will negotiate at least 2-5 times during this process - again, that's Brian's job! 

You're Under Contract!

You and the seller have agreed to price and terms. The home is effectively held for you until closing. You’ll close in roughly 30-45 days from this point. You're lender works on your mortgage paperwork while your real estate attorney orders the title. You'll also get a home inspection within 10 business days of "going under contract." Inspections are done within 2 weeks after your offer is accepted. The appraisal is ordered AFTER the inspections are cleared. 

Closing Day

The house is yours! You’re handed the keys. The closing date in contract is “target” date. The closing is determined by the bank once all of the necessary paperwork is completed. The closing date is actually scheduled by the buyers attorney, the sellers attorney as well as the bank. You're able to move into your new home after the closing takes place. After the closing, please tell all your family and friends about my excellent service! 

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